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The Can Caddy a Golf Bag Drink Holder

The Can Caddy a Golf Bag Drink Holder

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Have you hit the perfect drive, plugged in a bunker, or just duffed a shot in the weeds? Good thing you brought a few cold ones along for the walk, but where do you set your beverage during your shots? That's what TheCanCaddy is for... Play golf, and let TheCanCaddy keep your drink secure. After all, a good caddy never lets you go thirsty.

TheCanCaddy is an innovative drink holder for your golf bag. It secures your beverage while you hit your shots. The Can Caddy keeps your drink off the ground and next to your golf bag so you don't risk spills. There are no tools required.  Simply undo the thumbscrew, place around the leg of the bag stand, and tighten to adjust. The Can Caddy attached to your bag stand is ideal for walkers who need a place to put their drink while on the course. 

  • A drink holder that attaches to your golf bag.
  • No tools required, simply unscrew the clasp and attach to the leg of a standing golf bag.
  • Made from impact resistant high grade plastic.
  • Interior liner grips beverages for a secure fit.
  • Holds a wide variety of beverages: cans, bottles, cups, and many popular items.
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