A t-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy!

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Turtle Necktie - Green on Navy, Woven Silk
Deer Cufflinks - Buck Head, 3D - SummerTies
Bird Cufflinks - 3D - SummerTies
Shark Bow Tie - Blue on Aqua, Woven Silk
Anchor Bow Tie - Navy on Pink, Woven Silk - SummerTies
Fox Bow Tie - Woven Silk
Flamingo Bow Tie - Pink on Navy, Woven Silk
Deer Bow Tie - Navy, Buck Head, Woven Silk - SummerTies
American Flag Bow Tie - Navy, Woven Silk - SummerTies
Elephant Bow Tie - Pink on Navy, Woven Silk - SummerTies
Anchor Bow Tie - White on Navy, Woven Silk - SummerTies
Shark Bow Tie - Aqua, Woven Silk, Pre-Tied for Kids

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Weddings - Finn and Abbey

Weddings - Finn and Abbey

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Weddings - Jennifer and Ian

AnchorJoseph Mattison
Weddings - Bryan and Megan

Weddings - Bryan and Megan

Joseph Mattison


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