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Deer Bow Tie - Navy, Buck Head, Woven Silk

Deer Bow Tie - Navy, Buck Head, Woven Silk

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The SummerTies deer head print was created to meet a certain need. It's an unfortunate truth that you can't always wear what you want. The colors and patterns that speak to your soul just might not be appropriate in the boardroom. With it's subtle dark colors and lower contrast, the Deer Head print is appropriate for any occasion, but especially when professional duty calls. But more than that, you know when you look around the room, that you're the top buck. With the SummerTies deer head tie you can, discretely, let the world know.

  • 100% Silk
  • Tie Yourself, not Pre-Tied
  • Woven Motif
  • Hand Made
  • 2.5" at widest point
  • Fits up to 19" neck comfortable, fully adjustable to smaller sizes
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