California Proposition 65

Information about California Prop 65

Any company that operates in California, sells products in California, or manufactures products that may be sold in or brought into California, is subject to Proposition 65. Proposition 65 requires warning labels on any product that may contain any of 900+ elements/chemicals.

Currently, the number of chemicals listed under Prop 65 is more than 900, with many new chemicals being added every year. The list of elements keeps changing and is periodically updated. Elements are added to the list, and some elements are removed. It is very difficult to keep track of the changing list of elements.

It should be noted that these same products are sold across the United States and abroad; however, California is one of the few states that requires these products to be labeled for Prop 65. It is possible the same product is sold in another state without the warning.

There are two ways a company is compliant with Prop 65 regulations:

• Test every component of every product for every production run against each of the 900+ chemicals to ensure they are within the safe harbor limits. This same testing is required each time new chemicals are added to the list. This testing becomes very cost-prohibitive.

• Place a Proposition 65 warning on each of its products. The wording of the label is specified by California law and may vary slightly according to product type. A standard warning is “CA Prop 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

SummerTies believes their products are safe when used as intended. However, in order to be compliant with California law, SummerTies, along with many major manufacturers across numerous industries, has decided to place Prop 65 Warning labels on their products that are, or could be, sold in California. In order to minimize product costs and because they cannot always determine where a product will be sold, manufacturers have decided to mark all products with the warning label.

More information about Prop 65, and a current list of chemicals may be found here.