Today we launch!

by Ciaran Rogers
Today SummerTies officially launches. We’re ecstatic that we’ll be able to share our love of summer with so many people!
Below are some tips on a different kind of launch, quite helpful when enjoying a beautiful summer day.
Tips For Launching Your Boat:
1. Bring a buddy if you can. Although not required, it’s always easier to do this with a person who can handle the boat and another who can handle the driving.
2. Prepare your lines ahead of time. A little bit of organization can go a long way once you hit the water.
3. Practice backing up in straight line. Avoid the drunken snake and do a few dry runs in your driveway or the parking lot.
4. Put the plug in the transom. The idea is for the boat to float, the transom plug is a crucial part of the process.
5. Make sure the bowline is attached to something. Swimming is an important part of summer fun, but chasing a drifting boat, well, that’s not ideal.
Good luck with all your summer boating, and don’t forget: safety first. Check back soon for more summer fun!