Today we launch!

Today SummerTies officially launches. We’re ecstatic that we’ll be able to share our love of summer with so many people!
Below are some tips on a different kind of launch, quite helpful when enjoying a beautiful summer day.
Tips For Launching Your Boat:
1. Bring a buddy if you can. Although not required, it’s always easier to do this with a person who can handle the boat and another who can handle the driving.
2. Prepare your lines ahead of time. A little bit of organization can go a long way once you hit the water.
3. Practice backing up in straight line. Avoid the drunken snake and do a few dry runs in your driveway or the parking lot.
4. Put the plug in the transom. The idea is for the boat to float, the transom plug is a crucial part of the process.
5. Make sure the bowline is attached to something. Swimming is an important part of summer fun, but chasing a drifting boat, well, that’s not ideal.
Good luck with all your summer boating, and don’t forget: safety first. Check back soon for more summer fun!
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