Badminton Cufflinks - 3D, Silver - SummerTies
$ 25.00
Bee Cufflinks - 3D, Gold-Brown - SummerTies
$ 25.00

Bee Cufflinks

$ 25.00
Type: Cufflinks

Bee Cufflinks - Blue is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

You might not notice at first pass, but at SummerTies we bee-lieve that it's bees who make summer summer. What would summer bee without fields of flowers and ripe fruit...winter that's what. So get bee-hind our little striped friends with the SummerTies Bee print, it's sure to bee a hit where ever you go.

  • Enamel Cufflinks
  • Diameter 19mm
  • Bullet Backing
  • Swivel Bar Post

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